What benefits does the Pure Keratin Relaxing Treatment have over other straightening treatments?
The Pure Keratin Relaxing Treatment straightens hair naturally and does not damage hair. Following repeated treatments you will notice improved quality hair growth.
When is best to have the treatment, before or after colouring/ highlighting hair?
For best results the Pure Keratin Relaxing Treatment should be done after colouring/ highlighting your hair.
Is this treatment suitable for chemically treated hair?
Yes, the Pure Keratin Relaxing Treatment is suitable for all hair types (virgin, coloured, bleached, highlighted, permed or relaxed).
What shampoos and conditioners can I use after the treatment?
Shampoos and conditioners free from sodium chloride are recommended and can be purchased from the salon. We also offer special shampoos which provide Keratin and UV protection.
Do you recommend touch-ups?
The treatment should be repeated as required, usually every 2-4 months.
Is it ok the have the treatment monthly?
Yes, the Pure Keratin Relaxing Treatment can be regularly repeated.
Should hair be cut before or after the treatment?
For best results hair should be cut after the treatment.
Can I use styling products during the 3 days until my follow up appointment?
No, It is important to leave hair in its natural state, only after the follow up appointment and once hair has been washed can you use styling products.