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Pure Keratin Relaxing Treatment (Brazilian Blow Dry)

The Pure Keratin Relaxing Treatment is a keratin based hair treatment which leaves hair healthy, shiny and beautifully smooth. Keratin is a natural product and the main protein found in skin, hair and nails. This treatment gives immediate results leaving hair replenished and healthy like a child’s hair.
The results last up to four months, fading gradually with each wash. Repeat treatments are recommended every few months to ensure consistently beautiful and healthy hair.

The Pure Keratin Treatment is suitable for all hair types including virgin, coloured, bleached, highlighted, permed or relaxed.
The treatment takes between 1.5 and 4 hours to apply depending on hair type, length and thickness. Following application the product is sealed with a hot iron trapping in moisture, hydrating the hair and creating a sleek, glossy finish.

Do’s and Dont’s

It is crucial that hair remains in its natural state until you return after 3 days for the follow up treatment. Results are only guaranteed when the following points are adhered to:

Keep your hair dry.
Don’t allow hair to become wet until you have been for the follow up appointment.
Do not use spectacles to hold your hair back or tuck hair behind your ears.
Do not use any devices such as grips to tie your hair back.
Only use the approved shampoo and conditioner provided.


What benefits does the Pure Keratin Relaxing Treatment have over other straightening treatments?
The Pure Keratin Relaxing Treatment straightens hair naturally and does not damage hair. Following repeated treatments you will notice improved quality hair growth.
When is best to have the treatment, before or after colouring/ highlighting hair?
For best results the Pure Keratin Relaxing Treatment should be done after colouring/ highlighting your hair.
Is this treatment suitable for chemically treated hair?
Yes, the Pure Keratin Relaxing Treatment is suitable for all hair types (virgin, coloured, bleached, highlighted, permed or relaxed).
What shampoos and conditioners can I use after the treatment?
Shampoos and conditioners free from sodium chloride are recommended and can be purchased from the salon. We also offer special shampoos which provide Keratin and UV protection.
Do you recommend touch-ups?
The treatment should be repeated as required, usually every 2-4 months.
Is it ok the have the treatment monthly?
Yes, the Pure Keratin Relaxing Treatment can be regularly repeated.
Should hair be cut before or after the treatment?
For best results hair should be cut after the treatment.
Can I use styling products during the 3 days until my follow up appointment?
No, It is important to leave hair in its natural state, only after the follow up appointment and once hair has been washed can you use styling products.

Herbal Colour

Our Herbal Colour treatment offers a range of permanent hair colours which have been formulated without the use of Ammonia. The colour contains natural vegetal extracts, proteins, botanicals and nutrients which gives hair smooth, healthy and vibrant colour.
Free from harsh chemicals, our Herbal Colour colours hair gently, leaving it healthier with less irritation, less skin staining and less hair damage than conventional colourants. It provides a more pleasant and healthier hair colouring experience for both the client and the stylist without strong fumes but with all the creative possibilities of conventional products.

Herbal Colour is a very effective permanent colour on pre-coloured, uncoloured or grey hair, offering full grey coverage which won’t fade quickly. It is an excellent alternative to irritating Ammonia based colour systems.

Our Herbal Colour treatment will leave your hair softer, shinier and healthier with more vibrant natural looking colour.