Herbal Colour

Our Herbal Colour treatment offers a range of permanent hair colours which have been formulated without the use of Ammonia. The colour contains natural vegetal extracts, proteins, botanicals and nutrients which gives hair smooth, healthy and vibrant colour.

Free from harsh chemicals, our Herbal Colour colours hair gently, leaving it healthier with less irritation, less skin staining and less hair damage than conventional colourants. It provides a more pleasant and healthier hair colouring experience for both the client and the stylist without strong fumes but with all the creative possibilities of conventional products.

Herbal Colour is a very effective permanent colour on pre-coloured, uncoloured or grey hair, offering full grey coverage which won’t fade quickly. It is an excellent alternative to irritating Ammonia based colour systems.

Our Herbal Colour treatment will leave your hair softer, shinier and healthier with more vibrant natural looking colour.

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